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  1. To promote the use, improvement and development of the port;

  2. To regulate and control navigation within the limits of the port and the approaches to the port;

  3. To provide and maintain adequate and efficient lighthouses, beacons, buoys and other aids to navigation in the territorial waters of Brunei Darussalam and the approaches thereto and at such other places as the Authority may think fit;

  4. To disseminate navigational information;

  5. To exercise licensing and regulatory functions in respect of marine and port services and facilities;

  6. To secure that there are provided in the port (whether by itself or by any public license), adequate and efficient marine and port services and facilities on such terms as the Authority may think expedient;

  7. To secure that any person by whom any marine or port services and facilities fall to be provided in the port is able to provide the services and facilities efficiently whilst maintaining independent financial viability;

  8. To promote efficiency, reliability and economy on the part of public licensees in accordance with, as far as practicable, recognized international standards and public demand;

  9. To create and economic regulatory framework in respect of the provision of marine and port services and facilities which promotes and safeguards competition and fair and efficient market conduct or, in the absence of a competitive market, which prevents the misuse of monopoly or market power;

  10. To promote, provide an administer training schemes for members of the mercantile marine and the shipping and port industries;

  11. To develop, promote and regulate employment among members of the mercantile marine;

  12. To promote the development of merchant shipping;

  13. To exercise regulatory functions in respect of merchant shipping and particularly in respect of safety at sea, the manning of vessels and the prevention of pollution at sea;

  14. To advise the Government on all matters relating to sea transport and the provision of marine and port services and facilities;

  15. To act internationally as the national body representative of Brunei Darussalam in respect of sea transport, marine and port matters;

  16. To discharge or facilitate the discharge of international obligations of the Government in respect of sea transport; and

  17. To perform such other functions as are conferred on the Authority by this Order or any other written law.